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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have extreme sexual desires – Are they harmful for me in any manner?

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Hi Anjali Aunty,

My name is Uday and I am 25 years old male from Mumbai. I am very fair, smart and good looking guy. I came to know about this blog through my friend and I am posting my problem for the first time. My problem is I have extreme sexual desires. Also I consider myself very strong in sex. Till now I have 5 girlfriends in which 2 are unmarried and I still have relations with them.

In rest of three women 2 girlfriends settled in another city. Only one another girl is living in the same city and she is also still in relation with me. Other than these girlfriends I have 5 other girlfriends too. Whenever I am doing sex with a girl they use to say please finish it soon but I take more than 1/2 to 1 hour at least to ejaculate. After doing at least 1/2 to 1 hour sex only I can ejaculate and I loose erection. Sometimes I use to participate in group sex with 3 or 4 girls too, but I still feel horny and feel to have sex with more.

I do foreplay a lot with the girls while I am doing sex with them. After doing the foreplay only I go for penetration and I never forget to wear a condom. As I observed there are more girls and women attracting towards me, but they are shy to initiate. I do love to make more relations but I am scared to take initiation. Those present relations I have now are initiated by them self otherwise I would have never initiated with them myself. I am planning to take the help of my present girlfriends but I am little scared that they will misunderstand me.

Is it normal to have extreme sexual desires? Does my sexual relations with so many girls will affect my health and body in any manner? What should I do about those girls who are attracted to me but shy to initiate? How do I approach them for sex? Hoping for your quick reply.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

We are known as a Happy Family from Outside, what do I do now?

Dear Anjali ji,

I am 43 years old and my husband is 52 years old. We are married for 27 years with a University-going son. Usually at this age there is always a problem with the child, but for me its my husband. I am teaching in a school and he has a good job to work for. Though we don’t have plenty of money, but we have enough.

I had been hearing lot of bad comments from different sources about my husband since we were married, as far as I got proof, he was habituated in having physical relationship with house maids. He continued that after marriage too. One day my son caught him red handed having sex with a maid. My son was mentally hurt on this and started hating his father. He became normal after lot of persuasion and explaining by me. Every time I have engaged a maid, the same thing repeated, he started having sex with the one. Finally I gave up and I have completely stopped employing any maid anymore till now.

But that did not solve the problem. Now my husband has started having physical relationship with girls of the age of my son. He is not satisfied with one, he keeps having physical relationship with number of girls at the same time. These days I am unable to control myself, whenever I protest on this habit, he gets pissed off and says he doesn't feel like coming home for the torture (the protest) I do. On his word, “All males are bad, everybody don’t know that. You know that’s why you feel the pain”. He also says “All these are very normal, you should accept it”. He doesn’t have any remorse or guilty-feeling of any kind for his act.

Now the problem started is, one of these pool of girls is desperate about him. She won’t leave him in anyway. I spoke to her several times to make her understand, my husband has changed his mobile number few times, but she somehow manages the number again. She is threatening that he has to marry her. My worry is, if he has bound to get married, what shall I do? After all these issues for so long, I still do love my husband from the bottom of my heart. I asked him numerous times to tell me what is lacking or is absent between us that forces him do all these, he doesn't give any reply. None of my or his family know anything about this, they think we are an ideal happy family.
What am I supposed to do now?

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