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Thursday, June 9, 2011

AskAnjali: Please clear my doubts about my future Sex life!


 Hi Anjali bhabi,
I am 32 years old guy I am mentally, physically, sexually ok and I will get married soon I don’t have any problems but I have stucked in bad habit so I want good suggestions so that I can stop all this and live a good life. I started masturbation at the age of 14 since then I am doing this I am not addicted but I do whenever I feel. Also I have one more bad habit I use internet regularly and I go to yahoo chat then I go to Tops & Bottoms after that I chat with the people and also I show them my private parts through webcam and I play in front of the cam, sometimes I get closed with someone and I go to their places and I allow them to have sex with me anal sex also I suck their penis but since 8 months I stopped this, but i am addicted to chatting and showing my naked body i masturbate 2-3 times a week so my questions are:
1.Will this habit affect my future life?
2.Because of this will I loose interest with my wife?
3.Can I have a proper sex life with my wife?
4.Because of masturbation will I get problem in erection?
So please advice me and help me get out of this, thanks a lot guys.



  1. Dear friend!
    This habit is generally linked to your sexuality. So avoid all such thing which helps you do get linked with such bad habits. According to me as per your plight its a kind of addiction. So i suggest you to better throw your web cam or gift it to some one and also un install yahoo messenger or any other client with you do live chat.
    If you don’t do this right now after your marriage you may ‘ve trouble with your married life. Try to live a clean life.

  2. 1.Every habit shapes ones life, good way or bad. In this case I am thinking this will effect in not so good way.
    2,3.Are you attracted to girls at all? If not then you better not marry a gal and spoil her life.

  3. 1. Your ‘habit’ has already started affecting you. i am not going into questioning your sexuality but just want to point out that you are already spending a lot of your precious time into something which is not going to help you go ahead in any way!
    2. There comes a time when you feel a bit confused about your sexuality. No one else but you are in a better position to answer it. Many people feel bisexual. But a few are purely homosexual in their approach. If you fall in the latter category, you certainly wont find interest in your wife sexually.
    3. As i have said, if you feel bisexual, you certainly wont have any difficulty having sex with your wife. But what I feel is you need to take her into confidence and tell her everything instead of forcing yourself in a situation where your wife comes to know about this all of sudden, trigerring marital problems in between you,
    4. Masturbation is in fact good for your sexual health. Your erection wont have any problem whatsoever!

    Take care!

  4. First of all I just happened to check out Yahoo Chat and there is no room like you claimed Bottoms & Tops so it makes me wonder if this is a genuine problem or just another wild sexual fantasy of yours.

    First of all let me tell you that even if God came down and told you that masturbation is absolutely normal you would still not believe him. Apart from the tired wrists and aching hands and sore wrist nothing is wrong with masturbation except it can give you a complex especially if you sexually fantasise about day to day people around you while shagging. That cud give you a guilty conscious but that apart shagging over Page 3 Celebs,Stars,supermodels and sports personality is absolutely normal;

    Your problem does not lie in masturbation and that shall not affect your sex life but what can truly ruin your marriage is the fact that you may actually be Gay and that could mess your wives life.

    Do you seriously go over to your friends with whom you cyber sex and then have anal sex and give them blowjobs? If that is true then confirm you swing both ways and are not hard core gay going in for marriage to cover your sexuality.



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