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Thursday, June 9, 2011

AskAnjali: Should I satisfy my husband sexual desires by swallowing his sperms?


Hi Anjali aunty and others,

My name is Rohini 28 years old married female and its my first question here. Actually I and my husband enjoy good satisfied love life we both love each other a lot so I try my best to make him happy and same he thinks for me. We both watch XXX on PC in our room at night and have fun I also like to do as shown in porn I mean I like to suck him but now a days my hubby wants me to swallow his ejaculation but I have never done it, so I avoid it because I do not think its safe.

So I discussed it with my neighbor friends{group of 6 wives including me} of my apartment we all are very close to each other all chat daily and share are secretes also so while talking to them I was much more confused because 4 of them never had oral sex they told its not good for health, only 2 of us enjoyed oral sex. She told me that she enjoys sucking a lot but didn’t like swallowing ejaculation because of its bad taste but she does it sometime for her husbands happiness, so now I am very much confused so please answer my questions:

1. Is oral sex safe?
2. Is swallowing Husband’s ejaculation safe?
3. if both the above answer are YES then Why most of Indian women doesn’t think Oral sex is safe?
4. Does normal Indian women do like oral sex or I have some sex-addiction because i like to do it every-time i have sex?

Dear rohini,

Here are the answers for your questions,

1. Is oral sex safe?Yes it is safe as long as you dont perform it with a unknown partner.


2. Is swallowing Husband’s ejaculation safe? That's absolutely safe, go ahead and drink it, but let me know how was the taste ;)


3. If both the above answer are YES then Why most of Indian women doesn’t think Oral sex is safe?As greewire said most of the Indian womens are not aware of Oral sex and not all Indian women are like me and you blush


4. Does normal Indian women do like oral sex or I have some sex-addiction because I like to do it every-time i have sex? - As a normal Indian women I love oral sex and there is nothing addiction in it.




  2. U had said na u watch porn movies…hav u observed those movies in all movies thr is oral sex… And its not at all harm.once u try wit ur hubby.If u like it then continue, Else stop..! And he is ur husband not an outer that u ll get infected for dat.Try it and hav a safe sex.

  3. In performing oral sex , there is no need of bothering so much. You both should wash your genitals properly before oral sex. You can also sallow your hubby’s sperm.


  4. Hi Rohini there is no problem in drinking sperm, its even good for women’s skin, it helps in enhancing the skin’s tone as well, you can even put it on your face and massage it, the proteins and value vitamins in it are so much, it helps in making your skin glow a lot, have fun sucking ;)

  5. As a husband , I can say thatYour Husband is realyy lucky. Stupid indian ladies dont know the pleasure it gives to a man. Many of them never felt it and they will say it is bad. My advice to u is that you can have oral, anal or swallowing if you like it. there is nothing wrong in that. As a husband i like to watch my cum being swallowed by my wife and she does it often.It is little saline.

  6. 1. Is oral sex safe? A1. Oral sex is safe.
    2. Is swallowing Husband’s ejaculation safe A2. Swallowing is safe. But semen can taste different based on what your husband ate. For example coffee, alcohol, drugs, garlic, onion is going to make it taste bad and fruits like pineapple and plenty of water during day is going to make is taste good.
    3. if both the above answer are YES then Why most of Indian women doesn’t think Oral sex is safe? A3. Because of lack of awareness
    4. Does normal Indian women do like oral sex or I have some sex-addiction because i like to do it every-time i have sex? A4. Some women do and some dont, its just a personel choice

  7. It is very true that in most cases the ladies do not swallow their husband’d semen but do it with boyfriend…. I was friend of one lady and she oblized me many times in my car. She told me that she was not doing it even for her hubby. But she could not say NO to me. She even agreed for anal sex also with me although she never allowed this to her hubby to do. Unfortunately her hubby came to know abt our relation and it did not happen. But let me say, it is very pleasurable for a man if a lady swallows the semen and show that she liked it and loved it.
    The conclusion is “Treat you hubby as your boyfriend” and fulfil his desire. Else you can contact me…



    3- Indian women think sex is not safe — this is due to our medievel social traditions which continued , prehistoric India was a haven for sex

    4- U ARE normal , many women like oral sex more than sex

  9. hey Rohini, 1st of all… take a bow girl… hardly any Indian talk so open to there friends/relatives about SEX… and very few try oral sex…
    as per best of my knowledge
    Oral sex is SAFE.. no infection transferred during oral sex… that hopefully resolve your 1st question
    as I said earlier there is no chance of infection getting transferred during the oral sex… and more over… you are talking about your husband… if there is any doubt regarding oral sex… you are doingwith your beloved husband,then it has to be safe… I hope this solves your 2nd question
    Your third question is very difficult to answer… but I can say lack of sex knowledge… other wise I don’t see any problem with oral between husband and wife
    You are very open and you like trying new things in sex… now whatever I’m going to say is completely my own thinking… no offense to any one… if any one get offended… I’m SORRY, I think most of Indian woman does sex for getting pregnant… they just don’t do it for there satisfaction thats why they dont try oral sex… You are absolutely normal.. n doing perfect thing to please your husband during sex
    enjoy to fullest… and try swallowing your husbands ejaculation… taste of sperm is depend on what you eat in a day… so let your husband eat lot of fruit on the day you decide to swallow his cum…



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