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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have extreme sexual desires – Are they harmful for me in any manner?

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Hi Anjali Aunty,

My name is Uday and I am 25 years old male from Mumbai. I am very fair, smart and good looking guy. I came to know about this blog through my friend and I am posting my problem for the first time. My problem is I have extreme sexual desires. Also I consider myself very strong in sex. Till now I have 5 girlfriends in which 2 are unmarried and I still have relations with them.

In rest of three women 2 girlfriends settled in another city. Only one another girl is living in the same city and she is also still in relation with me. Other than these girlfriends I have 5 other girlfriends too. Whenever I am doing sex with a girl they use to say please finish it soon but I take more than 1/2 to 1 hour at least to ejaculate. After doing at least 1/2 to 1 hour sex only I can ejaculate and I loose erection. Sometimes I use to participate in group sex with 3 or 4 girls too, but I still feel horny and feel to have sex with more.

I do foreplay a lot with the girls while I am doing sex with them. After doing the foreplay only I go for penetration and I never forget to wear a condom. As I observed there are more girls and women attracting towards me, but they are shy to initiate. I do love to make more relations but I am scared to take initiation. Those present relations I have now are initiated by them self otherwise I would have never initiated with them myself. I am planning to take the help of my present girlfriends but I am little scared that they will misunderstand me.

Is it normal to have extreme sexual desires? Does my sexual relations with so many girls will affect my health and body in any manner? What should I do about those girls who are attracted to me but shy to initiate? How do I approach them for sex? Hoping for your quick reply.



  1. It appears that you are thinking round the clock about sex, sex & sex without any consideration about your studies, profession, family & society, nor you have mentioned whether you are a student or in profession. If you duly fulfil your studies, professional & family/social responsibilities and then find enough time to consider sex as your only fun it is Okay. But beware, as you say many ladies are attracted to you, voluntarily offer to be fucked, and even you are involved in group sex, I don't think they are good ladies. May be some call girls or prostitute type who may harm you how-so-ever protected by condom. You are 25, and in next 10 years you may be finished out of some chronic sexual disease. At the most you may pick up only one or two clean girls or ladies having some amount of love too for you (over and above sexual attraction), such that you can say that my Fully Nude, Arousingly Cute, Heavily Boobed, Massively Meaty, Profusely Penile Sap-Inducing & Vaginal Nectar Generating, Exceptionally Horny, Extra-Sweet-Sexy & Seducingly-Tall Fiancy, Voluntarility Got Strongly Molested from Top to Bottom, Vigorously Sucked at All Sap- & Milk-Secreting Points, Thoroughly Tooth-Chewed at Her Meaty Breast Nipples & Doubly-Meaty Vaginal Flaps, and Wildly Boob-Vaginal Fucked-Hardcore By Me Repeatedly for the Whole Day to Brutally Hard-Scrub the Entire Length of My Robust Cock Rod & Tough Penis Bulb in Deep Interiors of my Beloved’s Virtually Rock-Hard Mega-Cock-Craving Vaginal Track. I think if Your Full-Motion Hairy Giant-Cock is Tightened Hard and Pillar-Roasted Inside Your Beloved’s Slit-Tight & Firing Hot Hairy Pussy, it would Optimally Stimulate An Excessively Bursting Discharge of Quarter-a-Litre of Your Hot Seminal Colloids, Poured Over Beloved's Vaginal Cunt & the Sensitive-Most G-Point to Provide Both of You With At-Least Three Long-Lasting Peaks of Intense Orgasmic Paradise Sex Pleasure Towards Satisfactorily Quenching Your Profound Lust of Wild-Nude Animal Sex-Hunger & Thirst for Each-Other’s Vibrating Fuck-Organs]. And Definitely This One Lady Complete Fuck Will be a Boon for Your Life and Save You from Endangerd Polygamous Sex Risk.

  2. Good to see Casanova has reincarnated. He used to walk at night, get in a home, used his handmade condom made from sheep fat, fuck a lady, then move to the next home. Each night completing 10-12 fuck and never got tired.

    And there was Elvis the king, one lady was leaving from back door the other entering from front. Half a dozan and he was never tired.

    Till the end of the question it seemed you wat to get rid of your excessive sex drive. But the last line says you want more girls in your harem. I dont want to suggest you anything, you are a gone case, your brain is in your balls. Two small requests, dont get married, you wont be able to remain faithful to one, but people like you keep suspecting their wife as she also is fuckig around. Second request, why fuck all these married women for free? If you are that good as you said, then start charging. For a 1 hour good hard fuck, you can get good money from elderly sex deprived women, Mr. future gigolo.

    Oh, why dont you get into porno business? If you have a good size, you sure can be an adult actor



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